On this page -- www.macronet.org/bio.html is the story I have told, that started in the living room of author Marilyn Ferguson, about how Jerry Brown, with the help of the Macrocosm USA in Cambria, California (www.macronet.org) database, won his string of unexpected victories in the primaries of 1992, and how that catalyzed Bill Clinton's choice of Al Gore as his running mate and, well, the rest that is history....

-- Gregory D. Wright

Gregory Wright's Story:
Al Gore's Rise to Vice Presidency in 1992 & Macrocosm USA's role

On an afternoon in March 1991, I handed the Macrocosm USA database, a fully cross-indexed list of environmental and social grassroots activists in every state of the union on some half-dozen computer diskettes, into the hands of candidate Jerry Brown in Marilyn Ferguson's living room in her house on the topmost point of Mount Washington. I had been asked by Marilyn, crassly, not to attend -- but I did anyway, and apparently helped, just a tad, make history: