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Al Gore
Author of An Inconvenient Truth & Earth In the Balance
Live Earth initiator/facilitator
Former USA Vice President

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    Estimates from the Lancet Group have suggested 100,000+Iraqi deaths

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    Theodore Roszak
    Author of The Voice of the Earth, Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind, Person/Planet, and Making of a Counterculture
    The hoopla about 'Earth Day', like the pious rhetoric of fast-talking solar contractors and patent-hungry 'ecological' inventors, conceal the all-important fact that solar energy, wind power, organic agriculture, holistic health, and 'voluntary simplicity' will alter very little in our grotesque imbalance with nature if they leave the patriarchal family, the multinational corporation, the bureaucratic and centralized political structure, and the property system untouched.
    Murray Bookchin
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